ABOUT US - Medisa

Mr. Rıza SALGIR and Mr. Vedat YILDIRIM, who had gained extensive commercial experience in distributing Nikon ophthalmology, optical, microscopy and imaging products within all the major Turkish market sectors for these products, has worked in sales department as salesman and sales manager from 1986 to 1995 in Turkish distributor of Nikon. Medisa was established by two business partners, Mr. Rıza Salgır and Mr. Vedat Yıldırım in 1995.
Medisa, which is a 20 years’ old company, is well-known with its success.
Medisa was initially established as the Istanbul area sub-dealer for PSI Karyotyping & FISH Image Analysis System. In 1998 Medisa was granted exclusive distribution rights by Canon for their ophthalmology product ranges. Later on Medisa continue strengthening with signing contracts with other companies and separating Laboratory and Ophthalmology business inside the company as different departments.
In 2006 Medisa opened the Company’s sales and service office in Ankara. On the other hand then power of Medisa is on all over Turkey with the agreements of many local sub-dealers. Our well-trained salesmen also travel and make demonstrations at each parts of Turkey.
Medisa is one of the leading company in the Turkish market with core sector revenues gained mainly from capital equipment sales with increasing momentum. The Company aims to enhance its’ strong position as a major capital equipment supplier.