Fluorguard Mounting Medium

PI in Fluorguard Mounting Medium

DAPI in Fluorguard Mounting Medium

  • Fluorguard is a water-soluble mounting medium.
  • Fluorguard retards rapid photo-bleaching of fluorescence during microscopic examination.
  • Fluorguard (PI and DAPI) preserves fluorescence during long-term storage if mounted slides were stored at -20°C.

  • Method of use:
  • a) Fluorguard or counterstains must be warmed up to room temperature (at least for an hour) and vortex for a few seconds prior to application. If cold counterstains were applied, some blue speckles* would appear as background when viewed under triple bandpass filter or DAPI filter. (*The blue speckles are due to some precipitation of an active component in Fluorguard at cold temperature.)

    b) Blot excess fluid (on slides) from the edge of the slides and then let the slide surface to air-dry prior to the application of Fluorguard or counterstains.

  • Storage:

a) Fluorguard and counterstains: Store Fluorguard Mounting Medium, PI and DAPI counterstains in freezer. These reagents are stable at least for a year when stored in refrigerator or freezer. For daily routine use, store them in refrigerator for convenience.

b) Slides mounted with counterstains: Slides should be stored at 4°C. Slides will be dried out during storage. Immerse the dried slides in 2X `SSC until the cover glass floats off the slide. Then, continuously immerse the slide in 2X SSC for another 5 min to remove the old antifade. After air- drying the slides, apply fresh PI or DAPI counterstain for viewing.

F001 Fluorguard™ Antifade Mounting Medium 1 ml

F101 PI in Fluorguard™ (0.3 μg/ml) 1 ml
F102 PI in Fluorguard™ (0.4 μg/ml) 1 ml
F103 PI in Fluorguard™ (0.5 μg/ml) 1 ml
F104 PI in Fluorguard™ (1 μg/ml) 1 ml
F201 DAPI in Fluorguard™ (0.3 μg/ml) 1 ml
F202 DAPI in Fluorguard™ (0.4 μg/ml) 1 ml
F203 DAPI in Fluorguard™ (0.5 μg/ml) 1 ml
F204 DAPI in Fluorguard™ (1 μg/ml) 1 ml