This programmable system automates the denaturation and hybridization steps in slide-based (F)ISH procedures, and provides walk-away convenience for clinical and research personnel. The low cost unit accepts a wide range of sample types, is easy to use, and reduces hands-on time by more than 50% while ensuring overall precision and accuracy in all FISH assays.
Slide Denaturation and Hybridization System
Programmable Temperature Controlled Slide Processing System
Ideal for denaturation/hybridization of fluorescent in situ hybridization procedures
User Programmable Settings
  • 40 user defined protocols and 3 operating modes
  • Easy to read backlit display
  • Numeric keypad allows for easy programming
  • Can be used as a fixed temperature slide warmer.
Easy to use
  • Eliminates manual steps and reduces hands-on time during (F)ISH procedures
  • Slides do not need to be fully loaded to maintain temperature accuracy
  • Slide guide keeps slides in place and allows for one hand removal
More stringent temperature control
  • Rapid temperature ramp-up and accuracy of ± 1° C
  • Superior temperature uniformity across all slide positions
  • Optimal humidity control
  • Heats slide to temperatures ideal for FISH procdures

ThermoBrite Slide Processing System

The StatSpin ThermoBrite System holds up to 12 slides. The lid seals tightly when closed providing optimal chamber humidity. The system maintains uniform temperture across all slide positions. Slides can be easily added or removed with one hand. The numeric keypad allows for easy programming with 40 user programmable settings and 3 modes of operation; Denaturation/Hybridization, Hybridization, and Fixed Temperature.

System Specifications



135 mm (5 1/2 inches)


229 mm (9.0 inches)


451 mm (17 3/4 inches)


8.5 kg (018.7 lbs)


12 slides

Processing Time:

Programmable 0 to 99 hours

Continuous mode


120 VAC at 3A

240 VAC at 1.6A

Temperature Control:

Programmable 30–99° C

Ambient Operating 

15–40° C (59–104° F)

Ambient Operating 

20–80% relative