The ImageXpress Micro Confocal High-Content Imaging System lets you capture research-quality images with the widest range of objective lenses, allowing you to work at the resolution appropriate for your biology, including whole organism, thick tissues, 3D spheroid assays, and cellular or intracellular events—at a speed you would only expect from widefield screening. 
The ImageXpress Micro Confocal system combines the ability to capture high-quality, publication-grade images without sacrificing throughput, reliability, or flexibility. Quickly and easily switch between confocal and widefield imaging modes to satisfy the specific throughput and sensitivity needs for your assay. Additionally, you can choose from a range of available confocal disk geometries to select the best fit for your experiments.
Combined with MetaXpress® High-Content Image Acquisition and Analysis Software, the ImageXpress Micro Confocal system provides you with a complete multi-dimensional, high-throughput screening solution to help you discover your next landmark scientific breakthrough.
  • 3D Imaging
    • Monitor cell health kinetics under environmental control for hours or days
    • Reconstruct 3D spheroids with rapid z-stack imaging
    • Study spheroids with readily available plates and straightforward imaging workflow
    • Acquire from a variety of multi-well plate formats up to 1536 including unusual formats developed for 3D assays including round bottom and trans-well plates
  • Thick Samples
    • Image neurons or stem cells grown on 3D matrices that can make focusing on the cells of interest a challenge 
    • Capture difficult-to-image thick tissue sections (at least 20 µm thick) that produce high-background fluorescence when stained
    • Analyze 3D samples by collecting a stack of crisp images in the Z-plane in as small as 100 nm increments
  • Whole Organism Imaging
    • Image an entire well
    • Keep organisms in focus for the duration of experiment
    • Perform sophisticated analysis of images and create time-lapse videos
  • Live Cells
    • Monitor cell growth, death, differentiation, and migration; viral or bacterial invasion, cancer metastasis, chemotaxis, drug toxicity, or translocation
    • Observe rapid kinetic cellular responses over a span of several days using fluorescent or unlabeled cells kept in an environmental control chamber, together with a brightfield microscope, and on-board fluid addition capabilities
  • Screening
    • Determine the mechanisms of action for the research of cancer, neurological disorders, viral infection, and other diseases with compound or RNAi screening
    • Quantitate multiplexed cellular responses, such as apoptosis, cell cycle, micronuclei, neurite outgrowth, angiogenesis, intracellular translocation, endocytosis, and cell signaling
    • Detect one to four fluorescent markers along with the ability to resolve their colocalization
  • RNA Interference
    • Interrogate large-scale RNAi libraries
    • Measure critical events including apoptosis, cell cycle, micronuclei, neurite outgrowth, angiogenesis, intracellular translocation, endocytosis, cell signaling, and multi-wavelength cell scoring.
    • Automatically identify, segment, and analyze biological phenotypes using validated software modules
  • Stem Cell Research
    • Measure stem cell growth and differentiation in layers or colonies with the system's widefield focusing capabilities, brightfield imaging option, and environmental control chamber for extended period of time
    • Accurately track cell processes, colony size or number across multiple fields of view with unique stitching algorithm and precise plate stage movements
    • Gain insight into the complex molecular and genetic signaling events that underlie cell proliferation and differentiation
    • Accurately measure nuronal process across multiple fields of view using unique stitching algorithm with precise stage movements
    • Analyze 3D samples by capturing an image stack in the Z-plane within each field of view and collapse it into a best-focus image or view the sample in 3D
  • Homogeneous Binding Assay
    • Multiplex different cells in the same plate well
    • Run assays with adherent cells, suspension cells, or beads
    • Detect fluorescent labels at any wavelength
    • Greater than 5 fold improved sensitivity in antibody binding assays in confocal over widefield
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