Fewer images per well and shorter imaging time with a field of view that is 3x larger than industry standard
A breadth of applications enabled by objectives ranging from 1x to 100x, 0.05 to 0.95 NA for air and 1.4 NA for oil, capturing a variety of cellular and intra-cellular events
Accurate stage positioning for capturing high-resolution tiled or stitched images with fully-automated 100 nm resolution voice coil-driven stages, thereby minimizing X-Y stage jitter and ensuring repeatability of extended live-cell experiments
Up to 5x faster read times while minimizing photobleaching with industry-leading autofocus using a dedicated 690 nm focus laser and ultra-fast sensors
High-throughput screening captures > 10 million cells/hour in a low-resolution, whole-well, 3 color cell scoring application, or > 1 million cells/hour in a high resolution two-color assay
Minimized user intervention using automated 5-position filter cube changer, facilitating multiplex assays with up to five filter sets and four objectives for a single experiment
A 5-color assay achieved with multiple filters. Mouse embryo sections
 Blue = DAPI, Green = FITC, Red = TRITC, Orange = Cy5
Modular design allowing for transmitted light, phase contrast, environmental control, fluidics, light source and external filter wheel selection
Extensive sample compatibility from slides to plates (6- to 1536-well), thin to thick plate bottoms, glass to plastic, transwell, low profile- and low volume-plates
Integrated automation, 24/7 with 3rd party robotic plate handling system, enabling you to schedule multiple runs.
  • 3D Imaging Of Cancer Spheroids
    • Monitor cell health kinetics under environmental control for hours or days
    • Reconstruct 3D spheroids with rapid z-stack imaging
    • Study spheroids with readily available plates and straightforward imaging workflow
  • RNA Interference
    • Interrogate large-scale RNAi libraries
    • Measure critical events including apoptosis, cell cycle, micronuclei, neurite outgrowth, angiogenesis, intracellular translocation, endocytosis, cell signaling, and multi-wavelength cell scoring.
    • Automatically identify, segment, and analyze biological phenotypes using validated software modules
  • Stem Cell Research
    • Measure stem cell growth and differentiation in layers or colonies with the system's widefield focusing capabilities, brightfield imaging option, and environmental control chamber for extended period of time
    • Accurately track cell processes, colony size or number across multiple fields of view with unique stitching algorithm and precise plate stage movements
  • Whole Organism Imaging
    • Image an entire well
    • Keep organisms in focus for the duration of experiment
    • Perform sophisticated analysis of images and create time-lapse videos
  • Live Cells
    • Monitor cell growth, death, differentiation, and migration; viral or bacterial invasion, cancer metastasis, chemotaxis, drug toxicity, or translocation.
    • Observe rapid kinetic cellular responses over a span of several days using fluorescent or unlabeled cells kept in an environmental control chamber, together with a brightfield microscope, and on-board fluid addition capabilities
  • Homogeneous Binding Assay
    • Multiplex different cells in the same plate well
    • Run assays with adherent cells, suspension cells, or beads
    • Detect fluorescent labels at any wavelength
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