•  Universal type trial frame
  •  Made of high quality plastic and metal
  •  Supports total 5 lenses (3 front-2 back)
  •  PD adjustment between 48-80mm

MSD is one the leading manufacturer in the world who produces high quality trial
frames for opticians and ophthalmologists. It’s a very light frame which is very suitable
for all patients.

This universal type frame has got 5 different holders for the lenses to be equipped on
the same eye. The lens holders are made of metal for long life.

The frame has got the scale for axis (0-180 degree) display. There is also cornea
positioning available on the display.

The trial frame is equipped with nose support which is adjustable in 22mm and also can
be rotated in 360 degree. The temples can be adjusted up and down in 35 degree. The
temples are adjustable in 35mm length.
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